Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting Your Product to Market Faster Through Certification

You’ve researched and developed the perfect product. Now it’s time for its market launch. But wait. Does it come with proof that it meets the required building codes and standards? Don’t let non-compliance delay your product release. Instead, include anISO/IEC Guide 65 or ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification agency as part of your product development plan.
When deciding on a certification agency, here are some important questions to consider:
o   What is the scope of the requirements, standards and/or codes your product needs to meet?
o   Does the certification agency have experience and accreditation with the codes and standards that pertain to your product?
o   Does the certification agency have the flexibility to adapt and adjust to new and innovative products through code interpretation and knowledge of standards?
o   Is the certification agency knowledgeable about and involved in your industry?
o   Can the certification agency be your one-stop resource for the testing, evaluation, inspection and ongoing surveillance of your complete certification and quality program?

The certification agency’s evaluation report becomes a tool you can use to help market your product in the following ways:
o   Provide building officials and construction professionals with clear evidence that your product complies with standards and codes.
o   Help sell your product to the end user or person making the purchasing decisions.
o   Help you meet retailer requirements for hosting and selling your product.

Increase your market speed and reach through a product certification program. For more information about our building product testing and certification services, contact us.

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