Thursday, January 8, 2015

Code Update Highlights

by Chuck Osterday

As part of our commitment to help manufacturers and builders create the safest homes and make the inspection process as painless as possible, NTA stays on top of all the latest code changes nationwide.  Some of the more recent and important ones to be aware of are listed below. 

For questions on these or any other code changes, feel free to contact us.

2009 International Energy Conservation Code w/ amendments effective 1/1/2015

2015 Georgia Amendments effective 1/1/2015

2014 Indiana Building, Fire, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code effective 1/1/2015

2014 National Electrical Code effective 1/1/2015

2015 International Residential Code effective 1/01/2015
2015 International Building Code effective 1/01/2015
2015 International Energy Code effective 1/01/2015

2012 Michigan Residential Code tentative effective date 2/13/2015

2015 MN Residential Code effective 1/24/2015
               Radon & Energy Codes effective 2/14/2015
2015 MN Building Code effective 2/14/2015
2015 MN Energy Code effective 2/14/2015
2015 MN Accessibility Code effective 1/24/2015
2015 MN Mechanical & Fuel Gas Code effective 1/24/2015

2014 National Electrical Code for buildings constructed under the “OBC” effective 4/1/2015

Rhode Island
2014 National Electrical Code mandatory enforcement 2/1/2015

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