Thursday, May 28, 2015

Public Safety and the Third Party Agency

by David Tompos

We know that Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) do not have an easy job. Building, electrical, plumbing, and numerous other codes are constantly evolving, which means the AHJ must put forth an ever increasing effort to understand the codes and their intentions. Doing so isn’t just a matter of job security, but of public safety and trust. This level of responsibility means an even more highly trained inspector is needed than ever before.

This is where the third-party agency comes in. An independent, third-party certification agency can aid the Authorities Having Jurisdiction in a couple of ways. First, is a recognizable certification mark. The Mark is evidence of compliance to the highest standards, showing your building product has met the strict guidelines of an in-plant quality control program and completed testing or building code requirements. Third party labs are closely tied to the industry they serve, ensuring all of the testing and certification programs are based on the most reliable and trustworthy standards and methods. Second, by working closely with home builders and manufacturers, the third-party agency can understand the codes and standards at a deeper level - their intended applications and recent updates. Some even help in the development of standards and codes by participating in government committees.

NTA’s commitment to public safety means we ally with the housing industry in three primary ways – Testing, Inspection and Certification. Within those three, we offer support through expert engineering, plan review, CAD and with thorough training programs, like our annual Training Seminars (Members of any local building departments are able to attend our annual seminars at no charge). This means our inspectors are some of the most knowledgeable and highly trained in the industry, and are often aware of code changes before anyone else!

For more information on any of NTA’s services, and how we can help ensure a structure or building product meets or exceeds the requirements for code compliance; or information on attending our annual seminars, please feel free to contact NTA.

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