Monday, August 31, 2015

Pennsylvania Publishes Proposed Language for Amending Industrialized Housing Act to Include Commercial

by Corey Nigh

Last November, NTA updated our clients on proposed amendments to Pennsylvania’s Industrialized Housing Act that will require commercial structures to follow the same regulations as residential structures.

The ending period for comments on the proposed legislation was July 27, 2015, and the Department of Community and Economic Development published the draft final-form which contains the proposed language. Per the Department of Community and Economic Development, the draft final-form includes changes in several areas:

  • Section 145.1 (relating to definitions) is revised to delete the definition of ''permanent foundation."
  • Section 145.3 (relating to scope) is revised to state that the regulation applies to new industrialized housing, buildings and housing, or building components.
  • Section 145.31 (relating to requirement of certification) is revised to provide that the regulation applies to industrialized housing, buildings, or housing or building components produced after the effective date of the regulation.
  • Section 145.33 (relating to manufactured homes excluded) is revised to provide a definition of ''permanent foundation,'' which was previously undefined.
Remember, if you already build to meet Pennsylvania’s residential regulations, chances are you may not be affected much at all.  However, if you are a builder of commercial structures, or a manufacturer of components used in commercial structures, you will soon need to follow the same standards as a residential manufacturer. The standards also cover manufacturers of assemblies intended for use in industrialized structures that include ‘closed construction systems’. A closed construction system is defined as being ‘fabricated in a manufacturing facility to be separately transported to the building site and cannot be inspected at the site without disassembly.’ An example of this would be a structural insulated panel, as they are held together with adhesives and cannot be taken a part to be inspected.

 To read the entire Advance Notice of Final Rulemaking, visit the website for The Pennsylvania Bulletin.

NTA is an approved Inspection Agency for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and can provide you with the information you need to conform to the current code requirements, as well as keeping you compliant with revisions as they are adopted. Most component manufacturers will not need further testing, only inspections, making this a simple process. We’re here to help you now, so you don’t have to scramble later! For more information on Pennsylvania’s Industrialized Housing Act and how it will affect you, please contact NTA today.

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