Thursday, October 22, 2015

MHCC Recognizes NTA President

The Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC) recently acknowledged
the commitment David A. Tompos, President of NTA, Inc., has exhibited toward the manufactured housing industry.

“Your committed service to the MHCC as a member in the General Interest/Public Official category played a major role in advancing the manufactured home construction and safety standards, as well as the procedural and enforcement regulations applicable to the manufactured housing industry,”
said Pamela Beck Danner, the administrator of the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs. “Your knowledge, experience, and most importantly, your willingness to serve contributed greatly to the success and evolution of the program.”

The Tompos family has been a part of the manufactured housing industry since 1976, when David R. Tompos and Dennis Norkus first founded NTA, Inc. as an engineering firm that provided plan review and inspections to factory built structures. When David A. and Eric Tompos joined the company, they brought with them a desire to ensure safe, affordable, energy efficient housing for all people. This commitment has shown itself in the many government and regulatory committees they have participated in, as well as their continued involvement in the industry at large.

When asked if he expected to return to the MHCC, David A. answered, “If HUD would like my participation in the future, I would be honored to serve again.”

For more on NTA’s long history with the building industry, see our About Us webpage.

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