Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Trends in Modular Construction

by Kim Coates

Recently, whenever the future of construction is discussed, modular construction is frequently one of the first topics to be brought up, and with good reason! Building a structure off-site can afford quicker completion compared to traditional construction methods.

Now, modular construction is a topic of conversation for how it is innovating the construction and building industry by introducing new trends, materials and processes. These new ideas will have a direct impact on the future of construction

1) Permanent Modular Construction

Modular construction can easily last  as long as traditionally built structures.  By incorporating a broader array of materials and enhanced work scope coordination with all trades involved in a project, size limitations dictated by transport restrictions have largely been eliminated. Architects and engineers are embracing modular construction for increasingly complex projects. As they become comfortable with some of the subtle differences associated with modular design, they are joining in expanding the modular construction thrust into even more applications.

2) Multi-Family Modular Construction

New York City has added several ‘high rise’ multi-family buildings in the last couple of years. Whether it is due to a need for more moderate income housing, or loss of a home due to a disaster such as hurricane Sandy, the need for quality housing for more people in a shorter timeframe has become critical.

3) Manufacturing Techniques

Recent advancements in manufacturing techniques have helped modular manufacturers achieve even higher levels of efficiency. By combining lean manufacturing with agile manufacturing, a modular manufacturer can attain the highest levels of value and quality with the least amount of construction waste. New computer technologies, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) also help to streamline modular construction.

As Modular construction expands, it will continue to innovate the building industry, one structure at a time.

Whether you have a commercial or residential modular project, NTA has the expertise to help you with engineering, plan review, inspection and verification of code compliance. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project today!

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