Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't miss out on $1,000!

By Ryan VanArsdale

Last month, President Obama signed the Omnibus Appropriations Act into law. This “Extender Bill” retroactively extended the $1,000 per home tax credit for manufacturers of ENERGY STAR manufactured homes. This means that this credit is available, not just for homes certified through the end of 2015, but through ALL of 2016 (all checklists dated and completed before 1.1.2017)! An additional bonus is that there are tax credits and incentives for Modular and site-built homes, as well.

While this credit has never lapsed since its first enactment in 2006, the last three years Congress waited until the end of the year to pass the credit, causing many manufacturers to miss being able to include it in their planning stages. This year, Congress has been proactive in passing the credit, allowing manufactured home manufacturers to consider this credit when planning their yearly goals.

There are also additional incentives available for ENERGY STAR manufactured homes. Utility companies in Tennessee, parts of Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia may also be issuing rebates to the home manufacturer ranging from $1,000 to $1,750.

NTA is a proud ENERGY STAR partner, who certifies a variety of products for Green Programs. For more information on the tax credit, or how to become an ENERGY STAR certified manufacturer, contact NTA.

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