Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clayton’s Luxury Tiny Homes

HomeOne of America’s largest home builders, Clayton Homes, is entering the Tiny House market by offering luxury tiny homes designed by Architect Jeffery Dungan. By taking inspiration from nature itself, Dungan came up with five floor plans, the ‘Low Country’, the ‘Cloudbreak’, ‘Adirondak’, ‘Saltbox’, and a French country-side inspired layout called ‘Marseille’. Though the homes range in size from 386 to 399 square feet, they are built with the elegance and sophistication Dungan and his firm are known for.

Designing for small spaces was something new for Dungan. “It’s more about…  designing by the cubic inch rather than the square foot,” he stated, whose homes are usually 7,000 square feet and up, and generally cost around $1.5 To $7 million, rather than the under $100, 000 for a Designer Series home.

In addition to their Designer Series, Clayton will also be offering a Campground Series that starts around $40,000, and a Lakeside Series that will start around $60,000. The ‘Low Country’ Designer tiny house debuted at designer showcase in North Carolina, and will cost about $96,000. While Clayton plans to offer its entire collection by the end of the year, they are already accepting pre-orders for their Designer Series (view the collection at 


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