Thursday, September 29, 2016

NTA’s SCC Scope Expansion, and how it helps you

The Standards Council of Canada recently approved a scope expansion for NTA! The updated scope now includes Walls, Partitions, Facades, Roof, Ceilings, Floors and Stairs. This opens up opportunities for our clients, especially those with Light Gauge and Cold-Formed Steel Certifications, like cold-formed metal framing, structural metal stud framing, cold-formed joist framing and non-structural metal stud framing.

This means if you manufacture metal framing members intended for use in Structural Metal Stud Framing, NTA can now evaluate your products to the current standards and issue a listing report valid in both the United States and Canada. Whether it is C-Shapes, tracks, U-Channels or other types of cold-formed, light-gauge or metal structural members, NTA can provide the certification you need.

With even more new scope expansions expected in the near future, there are now more reasons than ever to choose NTA as your testing, inspection and certification agency!

For more information on how our new expanded Scope can benefit you, be sure to contact us, and take a look at our updated SCC Scope of Accreditation.

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