Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why Manufactured Homes are Perfect for Millennials

Members of the Millennial generation often view the home buying market with reserve. Our struggling economy hit them the hardest. Right when many of them were leaving college, and starting careers, unemployment rates skyrocketed, leaving them with college debt and little to no income.
Now, with employment options growing, more Millennials are considering purchasing a home. Having grown up in a budget conscious time, they are concerned with making sure their money is well spent. Some of the concerns that Millennials have when looking at a home are:

  1. Kitchen and bath fixtures – as some of the higher cost items in a home, Millennials do not want to have to replace kitchen or bath fixtures with their limited budgets, and they have their own ideas about they like
  2. Low maintenance – low upkeep features like wood or tile vs. carpet to save their weekend time for fun
  3. Energy Efficiency – Millennials grew up when the focus was strong on Energy Conservation. Lowering their energy costs, conserving natural resources and leaving a smaller carbon footprint are important factors to consider when looking at housing
  4. Open floor plans – the younger home buyer prefers to entertain by having space for their guests to sit comfortably and interact with each other, rather than separated in smaller, compartmentalized rooms
  5. Affordability – with their budget conscious mindset, and memories of the housing crisis a few years ago, Millennials are looking for homes that don’t just fit into their budget, but are an investment in their future
Manufactured homes can meet the millennials needs.

1. Customizable

Millennials can tailor a brand new home with colors, patterns, alternate floor plans, luxury options (like the granite countertop shown below) and more, according to their budget.

2. Low maintenance

Manufactured homes are more durable than a traditional home. As a home is transported from the plant to the site, it is subjected to wind and sway. Manufactured homes are engineered to withstand these stresses and arrive at the home site safely. Interiors are often wood or tile, allowing for an easy-to-care for living space that gives the millennial more time on their weekends.

3. Energy Efficient

Manufactured homes are built to strict energy standards, creating a home that is comfortable as well as affordable to heat and cool.

4. Open floor plans

Manufactured homes have perfected the open floor plan so many millennials enjoy. Large living areas that interconnect create space for the younger home buyer to entertain and mingle with friends and family.

5. Affordable

Manufactured homes offer the most ‘bang for the buck’. This leaves Millennials plenty of room in their budgets for the other things they feel strongly about.

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