Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's the Value of an ENERGY STAR Home?

The Energy Crisis has reached your wallet!
Everyone has noticed the rising cost of fuel over the last few years.  We see it each time we need to fill our tanks at the gas station.  We see it in our utility bills each month.  Some estimates say the cost of electricity alone has increased over the last ten years, by as much as 42% (  With energy costs increasing across the board, the new focus is on energy efficiency.  From electric - only cars, to higher MPG gas – only vehicles, everyone is looking for ways to cut energy costs, and for most people, the search for energy savings begins at home.
Okay, I know ENERGY STAR® homes benefit the homeowner, but what do I get out of it as a Modular Home Builder?

Well, Modular Home Builders benefit just as much, if not more, than a homeowner.
ENERGY STAR Certified Homes are built to achieve a structure that uses up to 35% less energy than a traditional home.  While the benefits to the home owner are obvious, the Modular Home Builder also benefits. First, they achieve a level of satisfaction with their customers due to the owner’s satisfaction after the sale with their more affordable energy costs. The builder also sees an increase in the value of their product, since ENERGY STAR is the most recognized energy certificate in the US today.
ENERGY STAR multi-family homes have a higher occupancy rate because of their increased efficiency and comfort. Beyond the energy savings a home owner will see in their easier month-by-month cash flow, people are willing to spend a little extra for quality, which means increased profitability for the builder, and as their sales grow, so does their reputation for building energy efficient, comfortable, quality homes.
The five principles guiding the latest version of ENERGY STAR requirements are based on the idea that by using less energy to operate, ENERGY STAR homes can deliver annual savings on utility bills, keep indoor temperatures even and consistent and prevent indoor air pollution. With a Thermal Enclosure System, Heating and Cooling System, Water Management System, Efficient Lighting and Appliances and verifying these four systems with Independent Inspections and Testing, Modular Home Builders can offer their customers a home that has an indoor environment that is comfortable, affordable to maintain and certified for years of energy savings.  The five principles of the newest ENERGY STAR requirements ensure a home that is not only a value to your customers today, but an investment in their future – and yours. When your customers see the blue ENERGY STAR label, they know their future home has been verified by an Independent Home Energy Rater.  Contact NTA today for more information on the benefits of building an ENERGY STAR home.  

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