Monday, July 28, 2014

NTA Engineers for Communities


When NTA, Inc.’s Engineering Design team takes on a project, they are taking on more than just business, more than just a client.  NTA cares about the environment, about communities, and people. We are committed to excellence for more reasons than just the ‘bottom dollar’. Every time our Engineering Department participates in a project, we are investing in the future of that community and its' people, and we take this very seriously. We have completed projects in coastal regions, designed disaster housing for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and even completed community storm shelter design projects.
Currently, NTA is working with multiple modular manufacturers to aid in the restoration of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Conventional (stick) construction in the area has been slow going, so the modular concept has helped expedite the rebuilding process. These modular homes are designed specifically for the purpose of rebuilding along the shore of the East Coast. With higher wind zone compliances, quicker build times, and floor plans designed for smaller coastal lots, we are pleased to participate in these projects that give to a community that has lost so much.
Along with single family units, NTA is participating in a project that will bring an apartment complex with over 48 units – 16 of which are ADA compliant – to the White Plains, New York area. This means 45+ more families will have safe, efficient housing, and knowing we helped make that possible gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.
Our goals are simple - to provide the highest level of quality engineering services, product testing, product certification, and quality audits and training - and in doing so, making the world a cleaner, safer, more energy efficient place.
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