Thursday, October 23, 2014

NTA is Miami-Dade County Approved Testing Laboratory

by Brad Wear

Miami – Dade County in Florida sits along the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay at a mere 6 feet above sea level. In addition, it is located in the area that, in the past, has received more major hurricanes than any other stretch of the U.S. coastline (Kaye, Ken. 5/29/2013. What 100 Years of Florida Hurricane History Reveals. Sun-Sentinel. Retrieved from

High winds, heavy rain and wind-borne debris can cause major damage that is expensive to repair, or perhaps even demolish a structure completely. As a result, the area is divided into five Storm Surge Planning Zones, and building codes require special testing and certification for the materials that will be included in any structure, residential or commercial, to be erected within Miami-Dade County.

NTA is approved by Miami – Dade County for testing and certifying the building products that will go into structures being built within the county - impact and non-impact testing, hurricane testing on doors, walls, windows and shutters, uniform load, air infiltration and more. These tests ensure the materials going into your product are as safe as possible for the eventual home owner.

NTA has always cared, and will continue to care, about the well-being and safety of home owners, and about the products our clients manufacture. Our drive to offer the most accurate test results, plan review approval services and trustworthy engineering design is a direct result of our concern that your product meets or exceeds codes and regulations. For more information on how NTA can test or certify your building product for use in hurricane prone or other extreme climate areas, visit Miami-Dade Product Approval Information or contact NTA today!

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