Friday, October 17, 2014


West Virginia is known for its mountains, its logging and coal mining, and its history. From the Hatfields and McCoys to the Appalachian folk music, West Virginia claims some of the most well-known aspects of American history. A place of outdoor beauty and history, it should be on everyone’s ‘To-Do’ list. In order to preserve the natural beauty of their state, promote tourism and raise the standard of living across the state, West Virginia, like many other states, is placing more attention on improving its energy efficiency rating (

The Appalachian Power Company, a subsidiary of American Electric Power Co., Inc. in order to promote the construction and sales of more efficient new homes is offering a $1300.00 rebate to manufactured home builders for ENERGY STAR construction.
The money consumers save over time by having an ENERGY STAR certified home will draw them to the quality housing that manufactured home builders provide. The benefits to the manufacturer are no less significant. Better quality homes means happier customers, happier customers means more referrals and positive feedback and this all results in more sales for the manufacturer.
In order to qualify for the ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Rebate Program for West Virginia, the Manufactured Home Builder must construct a home that complies with ENERGY STAR manufactured housing program requirements and is sold to an APC customer (click HERE for a service area map).
Other requirements are:
  • Only electrically heated homes equipped with a heat pump are eligible for the rebate.
  • Dealers must install the heat pump A-Coil and exterior heat pump condenser.
  • Dealers must complete the ENERGY STAR Site Installation Checklist and heat pump make and model checklist and return to the manufactured home builder.
  • The rebate applies to homes set up by dealers from June 1, 2014 through December 2015.
The rebate program is administered by Systems Building Research Alliance (SBRA), for more information, contact Gwynne Koch at SBRA, or Alan Reder at NTA.

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