Thursday, August 18, 2016

The little known benefit of modular building

The benefits of modular construction are widely recognized by a majority of the housing industry. More builders than ever are enjoying the time savings and efficiency of modular building, even commercial construction. While time savings and efficiency are two of the best known benefits of modular construction, they are certainly not the only ones. Other benefits include:

  • Indoor construction prevents damage to interior portions of the structure
  • Indoor storage protects building materials from damage or deterioration due to adverse weather and moisture
  • Modular structures are stronger due to their being designed to handle the stresses of traveling from the factory to the jobsite
  • Modular factories participate in strict QA/QC Programs
  • Building in a controlled environment reduces waste by recycling materials and protecting supplies
One little known advantage, however, is the jobsite. Site built homes require space for supplies, such as stacks of lumber, trusses, fixtures, etc. Modular homes require little space for storing materials since most of the work was performed at the factory. This means a more attractive jobsite for neighbors, and a quicker clean-up. Take a look at the photo to the right and see the difference for yourself. Not only was the modular home completed in 5 hours, the jobsite is neat and tidy for neighbors. This also means that with little materials sitting around the jobsite, there is less chance of small nails and screws being left behind to be stepped on or driver over. 

One more reason more and more families and businesses are choosing modular.
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