Monday, February 20, 2017

Changes to the upcoming Formaldehyde regulations

Everyone who manufactures, imports, fabricates and sells composite wood product is gearing up for the implementation of the TSCA Title VI and 40 CFR 770 for formaldehyde emissions of composite wood products. We are receiving a lot of questions such as how does this program affect my company, how does this affect other existing formaldehyde programs and what is going to happen with the transition in government to the new administration?

 The EPA has announced a series of webinars which talk about the different rolls of companies under the regulation. These webinars are free to attend and provide a great opportunity to learn the program and ask questions. Following is a link to the webinars:

While President Trump has delayed the implementation of the program, to give the new administration time to review the regulations, so far, the only change is that the original date which TPCs and Accreditation bodies could start signing up for the EPA program was delayed from February 10 to March 21, 2017.

Certification Program Engineer, Doug Berger, here at NTA, has written an informational letter regarding the upcoming Federal Formaldehyde Program. You can read this letter in its entirety on our website.

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